Greeley offers great facilities. See your tax dollars in action. Explore some areas of the city that are often hidden from public view.

Take a step behind the scenes of the City of Greeley. Stops include:

  • Greeley Police Headquarters
  • New Greeley Fire Station
  • Rodarte Center
  • Union Colony Civic Center Backstage

A G. Town Tour is a free and fun event to acquaint residents and visitors with interesting aspects of the city that they might not otherwise know much about.  In 2018, 7 public tours are offered.

Because of the age of some of the buildings and the challenges of the terrain on certain tours, some tours are more accessible than others. If you have care or assistance needs or concerns, please note those on your reservation so that we can best match you with a tour.

Due to the incredible popularity of the G.Town Tours, space is very limited. With that in mind, as you sign up for tours this year, please limit yourself to two tours. If you would like to go on more or if there are tours that you have loved and would like to go on again, please let us know and we will be sure to add you to the waitlist for those tours.

We are excited to kick-off our 2018 G.Town Tours! If you have any questions or need additional information please call Jean Meyer at 970-350-9774

All G.Town Tours begin at the Greeley Ice Haus parking lot.