Design a Rain Garden

Tyler Dell, Program Manager, Colorado Stormwater Center, will walk us through what is a rain garden, why you might want one and what the benefit is for you and the environment.

Rain gardens are a simple and inexpensive way for homeowner’s and businesses to do their part in protecting our lakes, rivers, and streams from the negative impacts of stormwater.  Not only are rain gardens and environmentally green solution, but they can also help save property owner’s some money in reduced lawn watering demands. To help promote the increased use of rain gardens on residential and other small properties, the Colorado Stormwater Center has developed an easy-to-follow guide for designing and constructing rain gardens in Colorado that will be discussed and demonstrated.

The class is free. Space is limited and RSVPs are required. This ensures that we have enough seats and materials. Please sign up using our form.

Greeley’s Water Conservation Program offers a Landscape Lecture series to the community. This is one of these events. Visit for more information on all upcoming sessions. Follow the “water” tag on Greeley Calendar to find out more about all of our water and conservation events.