The best way to water plants is low and slow; drip irrigation is a very effective way to water perennials, shrubs, vegetables, and other plants. This workshop is a review of parts of the drip irrigation and tools. Participants will learn how to convert a zone on your sprinkler system to drip if removing turf to a planting bed.

This class will be led by Kevin Hartley, Water Conservation Specialist, at the City of Greeley.

The class is free, and recommended for Life After Lawn participants. Space is limited, and RSVPs are required. This ensures that we have enough seats and materials. Sign up. 

Greeley’s Water Conservation Program offers a Landscape Lecture series to the community. This is one of these events. Visit for more information on all upcoming sessions. Follow the “water” tag on Greeley Calendar to find out more about all of our water and conservation events.