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Wanderlust is the deep desire to travel and to explore. The Colorado Dance Collective invites you on a journey as dancers explore differing cultures, refreshing ideas and undiscovered places that exist within one’s imagination. You’ll be inspired to find your own sense of wanderlust during an evening of dance, music and art. Not all those who wander are lost.

The Colorado Dance Collective provides an outlet for dancers and choreographers in Northern Colorado to continue their passion for performance and teaching after graduating high school. Many students, after years and years of training, have their dancing career come to an abrupt end for a myriad of reasons including college, careers or starting a family. The Colorado Dance Collective offers performance and choreography opportunities, free classes and chances to volunteer in the community and allows the dance members to continue their passion for dance while stepping in to the next phase of their journey. We believe that dancers can continue to dance and perform in tandem with their everyday lives.