The Greeley Historic Preservation Commission will have a public hearing for proposed changes to the Historic Preservation Chapter and Historic Preservation Low-Interest Loan Chapter of the Greeley Municipal Code at their meeting on Monday, March 4.

The current ordinance and proposed changes are available online on the City’s website at The public can also review a copy of the proposed changes at the Greeley Historic Preservation Office, 1100 10th Street, Ste 201 or contact the office at 970-350-9222 or by email at to get a copy by email.

Currently, the Historic Preservation Chapter is Chapter 16.60 of the Code and was last updated in 2007.  The Historic Preservation Loan Chapter is Chapter 16.61 of the Code and was last updated in 2001.  Changes are proposed to improve the processes and allow the Commission and Staff to provide better customer service and preserve Greeley’s historic built environment.

The major points of the proposed changes include:

  • Giving Historic Preservation Staff authority to review and approve minor alterations,
  • Establishing the process for design review,
  • Changing designation criteria from two required areas of significance to one area of significance in line with the National Register of Historic Places,
  • Reorganizing some sections,
  • Minor administrative changes.